Mail Methods 郵寄方式


提供郵件追蹤服務, 每件郵件均有一個獨立號碼方便您查詢郵件的下落, 您可以透過電話及網上詢問您的郵件狀況, 查詢請按這裡。香港顧客請注意,如郵件未能成功投遞至府上,您可以透過網上服務要求更改領取郵件的郵局, 詳細情況按此

我們的自動系統已根據下列幾個主要郵遞地區, 計算出您的訂單所需要的繳付的郵費。

1) 香港(本地郵政速遞服務)
2) 澳門/廣東省地區(平郵掛號)
3) 國內(廣東省以外地區空郵掛)
4) 台灣(空郵掛號)
5) 亞洲(空郵掛號)
6) 歐洲/澳洲及北美洲(空郵掛號)

sandymama dot com uses mail delivery service provided by “Hong Kong Post”. You are able to choose form the following delivery methods for the ordered items: 

Registered Post

A track-able mail service, all packets contain an individual reference number.  Delivery status can be checked online or by phone through Hong Kong Post, details click here!

For Hong Kong users,if items have not been successfully delivered at door, alteration or selection of a collection office can be arranged.For more details click here

According to the delivery address, our automated system calculates the appropriate delivery charges. There are five main price ranges:

  1. Hong Kong (Standard Local Courier)
  2. Macau/Guang Dung (post by Rail/Ship)
  3. China (all areas other than Guang Dung post by Air)
  4. Taiwan (post by Air)
  5. Asia (post by Air)
  6. Europe, Australia & North America (post by Air)