Cancellation Policy 取消訂單

1) 顧客若購買了錯誤的貨品或禮品, 或完成購物程序後改變主意, 有關貨品款項將不會獲得退回。如有需要,您可以在訂購後24小時內,電郵至sandymamadotcom@gmail.com跟我們聯絡。經我們同意後, 可作換貨安排。

2) 若您收到錯誤或在寄遞途中被損壞的貨品, 請聯絡我們安排換貨或退款 。當您收到我們的退貨確認電郵後, 請於收到貨品的14個工作日內將把貨品寄回以下地址:

sandymama dot com 

如果您是以信用咭繳費, 有關退款須要約30日才可獲退回。為了保障您的利益及確保更換手續順利進行, 請您保留郵包的完整。

3) 郵費退款只限於來自sandymama dot com之錯誤。 如退貨原因是因為您選購錯誤或更改貨品或禮品選擇, 您便須要負責有關郵費。

4) 若退貨原因未符合以上條件, 或我們發現個別顧客多次退貨, sandymama dot com有權保留追究一切因此而起的損失及拒絕安排退貨。

1) Your order can be changed within 24 hours of purchase.. Incorrect choice or unwanted gifts will not be refunded, but may be exchanged. You can do so by contacting our staff in 24 hours.

2) Should you received an incorrect or faulty product , or any item in your order has a cracked or otherwise damaged case, please contact us and we can arrange an exchange or refund to be made by returning it to our store . Once you have received confirmation form us, simply mail the selection back within 14 working days of shipping date  to us at the following address: 

sandymama dot com 
P.O. Box No.33234
Sheung Wan Post Office
Hong Kong
if you use credit card to pay your bill, your credit card payment will be refunded within 30 days of sandymama dot com receiving your returned goods. In order to aid in the return process, please keep the original shipping package. 
3) Shipping charges will only be refunded in the case that sandymama dot com was at fault. If you changed your mind about your on-line purchase or incorrectly ordered the wrong title, all return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.
4) sandymama dot com reserves the right to reject a return from any customer should any of the above conditions are not met or if we consider there to have been an excessive number of returns from the customer.