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sandymama dot com是由資深獨立音樂宣傳企劃人方寶儀(Sandy Fong) 於2008年成,乃其創立的Free Hand Concept Ltd(FHC)的屬下公司之一。網站主要為中港台出色的獨立音樂及創作單位提供唱片及創作/設計產品銷售平台,和為小型音樂會及劇場演出提供票務和宣傳服務, 給歌迷一個不同的選擇。

For enquire: Tel │(852)25692638     Email│ sandymamadotcom@gmail.com

Founded in 2008, Sandymama dot com online store is a subsidiary of Free Hand Concept Ltd (FHC) established by experienced Hong Kong indie music promoter Sandy Fong. It mainly serves as a platform for indie musicians and creative units in Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan to sell their records, creative and design products. It also provides ticketing and marketing services for live gigs and theatre performances, aiming to offer audience different choices.

For enquire: Tel │(852)25692638    Fax │(852)28513129   Email│ sandymamadotcom@gmail.com